[PATCH] Add an experimental Sanitizer Windows builder

Timur Iskhodzhanov timurrrr at google.com
Tue Feb 17 07:42:39 PST 2015

re: jobs, NinjaCommand -- my code was mostly copied from `getLLDBWindowsCMakeBuildFactory`.
I agree with you comments.  Zachary should probably take a look at them and address them in the original code once my patch is finished.

re: check-out: oops, looks like I've missed that while copying code -- thanks for catching!

Please take a look at an updated patch.

Comment at: zorg/buildbot/builders/SanitizerBuilderWindows.py:17
@@ +16,3 @@
+            cmake='cmake',
+            jobs="%(jobs)s",
gkistanova wrote:
> May I suggest using Property instead? Or at least reconcile this with property?
> You are effectively loosing the "jobs" setting from your slaves.py.
> Unless I'm missing something, we do not have a single use case yet when we really need to define jobs on the build factory level.
I've removed the jobs parameter, the default number of jobs ninja uses should be fine.

Comment at: zorg/buildbot/builders/SanitizerBuilderWindows.py:40
@@ +39,3 @@
+    build_crt_cmd = ['ninja','compiler-rt']
+    build_cmd=['ninja']
gkistanova wrote:
> Could you use NinjaCommand instead of using WarningCountingShellCommand with ninja directly, please? zorg/buildbot/commands/NinjaCommand.py should cover your needs.

Comment at: zorg/buildbot/builders/Util.py:3
@@ -3,1 +2,3 @@
+def generateVisualStudioEnvironment(vs=r"""%VS120COMNTOOLS%""", target_arch=None):
+    arch_arg = {'x86': 'x86', 'x64': 'amd64', 'amd64': 'amd64'}.get(target_arch, '%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%')
gkistanova wrote:
> How about getVisualStudioEnvironment name or something similar?



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