[LLVMdev] type legalization/operation action

Tom Stellard tom at stellard.net
Tue Feb 17 06:34:31 PST 2015

On Mon, Feb 16, 2015 at 02:32:36PM -0500, kewuzhang wrote:
> Hi Tom, 
> Talking about promoting operations.
> for i16 type ADD, I promoted it in the tablegen by creating a pattern
>> def: Pat< (i16  (add i16:$src1 i16:$src2)),  ( IADDs   i16:$src1  i16:$src2)>
What you've done isn't considered 'promotion'.  This pattern tells the
instruction selector to *select* i16 add to the IADDs instruction.

> seems my backend did not complain.
> and my IADDs is defined as a i32 + i32. I also have the i16 defined, which is same as i32 register

If the register class you use for IADDs is defined with both i32 and i16
types (which appears to be the case based on your description), then
it is expected that the above pattern will work.
> my questions are: (1) does  i16 is automatically promoted? or just lucky?
> (2) I think I should make the pattern to something like:
>> def: Pat< (i16  (add i16:$src1 i16:$src2)),  ( ConvertToi16 ( IADDs   (ZERO_EXTENDx  i16:$src1)  (ZERO_EXTENDx  i16:$src2)))>
This pattern is emulating 16-bit addition using a 32-bit add.
If you have native 16-bit instructions then you shouldn't use this


> because the return value is i16 too.
> Is it necessary?
> best
> kevin
> > 
> > Promoting ISD::ADD is not supported.  Take a look in SelectionDAGLegalize::PromoteNode()
> > to see which opcodes can be promoted.  You will either need to custome lower it or
> > properly handle it in the PromoteNode() function.

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