[PATCH] InstCombine: cannot fold "fcmp x, undef" because x can be NaN

hfinkel at anl.gov hfinkel at anl.gov
Mon Feb 16 02:25:10 PST 2015

> I wonder if we could access the target machine specific info to know

>  if NaN are disabled?

>  Or what is the right way of getting the -enable-no-nans-fp-math in opt?

Check the fast-math flags on the the operand (call Op->getFastMathFlags()). The LangRef says:

> LLVM IR floating-point binary ops (fadd, fsub, fmul, fdiv, frem) have the following flags that can set to enable otherwise unsafe floating point operations

>  ...

>  nnan - No NaNs - Allow optimizations to assume the arguments and result are not NaN. Such optimizations are required to retain defined behavior over NaNs, but the value of the result is undefined.

>  ...

>  fast - Fast - Allow algebraically equivalent transformations that may dramatically change results in floating point (e.g. reassociate). This flag implies all the others.

For constant values, you can call C->isNaN();



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