[PATCH] [zorg] Rev2: Fix get slave environment in LLDB Windows builder.

Rick Foos rfoos at codeaurora.org
Fri Feb 6 17:20:35 PST 2015

Testing now.


Comment at: zorg/buildbot/builders/LLDBBuilder.py:56
@@ -55,3 +55,3 @@
             # Default values for VS devenv and build configuration
-            vs_common=r"%VS120COMNTOOLS%",
+            vs_common=r"""%VS120COMNTOOLS%""",
gkistanova wrote:
> Maybe usage of ' vs. " would make it more readable?
changing vs_common to vs. 

In the common builder, this will become an entire command executed on the slave to set up whatever environment you want.

Comment at: zorg/buildbot/builders/LLDBBuilder.py:83
@@ -77,1 +82,3 @@
+        test_cmd.append(WithProperties("-j%s" % jobs))
     # Global configurations
Since this is windows, no loadaverage, I'll leave jobs alone here.

Comment at: zorg/buildbot/builders/LLDBBuilder.py:139
@@ -130,1 +138,3 @@
+                          warnOnFailure=ignoreInstallFail,
+                          flunkOnFailure=ignoreInstallFail,
                           description='ninja install',
gkistanova wrote:
> Setting all 3 mutually exclusive flags (haltOnFailure, warnOnFailure, and flunkOnFailure) to the same value doesn't look right.
> You want only one of these be true, right?
Yes, dropping to flunkOnFailure is correct. 

When I had haltOnFailure in as well, then warnOnFailure triggered, so then I added all three.

The right answer is flunk on failure only.



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