[Patch] Avoid conversion to float when creating ConstantDataArray/ConstantDataVector

Raoux, Thomas F thomas.f.raoux at intel.com
Thu Feb 5 18:41:18 PST 2015

Hi Rafael,

I added the same test for the ConstantDataArray path. If this is patch looks ok to you, could you commit it as I don't have write access?

Thank you

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On 5 February 2015 at 16:34, Raoux, Thomas F <thomas.f.raoux at intel.com> wrote:
> There is a test as part of the patch. Let me know if any other tests are needed.

Duh, I applied the patch to make it easier to read and didn't notice the test. Sorry about that. The test only checks the vector code path, no?

> The spec already specify that bitcast doesn't change any bits. Although here it is not the bitcast changing the bits but the insertElement. I would expect that the insertElement shouldn't change the bits either.
> "The ‘bitcast‘ instruction converts value to type ty2 without changing any bits."

Cool. I think the patch is fine. Nick, would you mind double checking?

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