[PATCH] [mips][microMIPS] Implement CodeGen support for SW16 and LW16 instructions

Sasa Stankovic Sasa.Stankovic at imgtec.com
Wed Feb 4 02:10:12 PST 2015

LGTM, with additional comment.

Comment at: lib/Target/Mips/MipsSEISelDAGToDAG.cpp:427
@@ +426,3 @@
+  if (selectAddrRegImm(Addr, Base, Offset))
+    return false;
I think it would be good if you add a comment for this if statement, because it behaves differently than the other similar "if (select...)" statements in this file (it returns false when the select function returns true, while the other similar statements return true when the select function returns true). The comment might be (for example):

For all the other cases where "lw" would be selected, don't select "lw16".



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