[PATCH] Add straight-line strength reduction to LLVM

Jingyue Wu jingyue at google.com
Sun Feb 1 22:14:50 PST 2015

Hal, thanks for the comments!

(1) Given the cases I consider so far, I am not aware of any target that can fold (B + i) * S where B and S are variables into an addressing mode. I don't think such form can even fit into LLVM's AddrMode struct. However, once we start considering more cases (e.g., B + i * S), we should definitely check for addressing modes. Does this make sense?

(2) Thanks for pointing this out. I hadn't considered this issue when preparing this diff. I now understand your concern, but don't have a good solution yet. I'll investigate how LSR handles this issue and how MachineCombiner works to get a better picture. Any suggestions from other folks are appreciated!




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