[PATCH] [lld] Make ELFLinkingContext own LinkerScript buffers

Shankar Kalpathi Easwaran shankarke at gmail.com
Sun Feb 1 15:55:24 PST 2015

Adding a test might give more information on the functionality that you are trying to add too.

Comment at: include/lld/ReaderWriter/ELFLinkingContext.h:295-311
@@ -293,2 +294,19 @@
+  // We can parse several "implicit" linker scripts, which are all input files
+  // that are not recognized as objects or archives. These are stored in the
+  // ELFLinkingContext with addLinkerScriptInstance(). However, only one
+  // "master" linker script can override the default linker script, specified
+  // with -T in the command line and, here, by calling
+  // addMasterLinkerScript().
+  script::ScriptInstance &
+  addLinkerScriptInstance(std::unique_ptr<script::ScriptInstance> script) {
+    _scripts.push_back(std::move(script));
+    return *_scripts.back().get();
+  }
+  script::ScriptInstance &
+  addMasterLinkerScript(std::unique_ptr<script::ScriptInstance> script) {
+    _scripts.push_back(std::move(script));
+    _masterLinkerScript = _scripts.back().get();
+    return *_masterLinkerScript;
+  }
Why do you recognize the master linker script from the rest ? The linker can use more than one -T option to specify more than one linker script too.

Input files that are linker scripts are positional too.

For example :

ld 1.o -lc

Where libc.so is a linker script that needs to be handled in command line order.



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