[PATCH] [zorg] Rev2: Fix get slave environment in LLDB Windows builder.

Rick Foos rfoos at codeaurora.org
Fri Jan 30 17:43:56 PST 2015

Yes, the three comments are good to implement.

The _jobs variables will be renamed jobcontrol, default for ninja, -j%(jobs)s.
The caller, knowing the buildslave properties, can add loadaverage, or the different syntax for msbuild (/maxcpucount:%(jobs)s).

in the original self hosted builder, the first step of stage2 was an install in stage1. I did this by specifying an install step, so the caller had to remember to stitch this together in both stages.

By adding an iterator on the stage list, it becomes possible to look in the next stage to see if you need to do the install step in the first stage. There are probably other use cases for lookahead, or look previous stages.

The before and after stage operations will be done by functions so the command itself can just return a flag in an if statement.

Then I think its ready.




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