[PATCH] [LoopVectorize] Move LoopAccessAnalysis to its own module

Adam Nemet anemet at apple.com
Fri Jan 30 10:31:44 PST 2015

Comment at: include/llvm/Analysis/LoopAccessAnalysis.h:37
@@ +36,3 @@
+/// check that a group of pointers do not overlap.
+struct RuntimePointerCheck {
+  RuntimePointerCheck() : Need(false) {}
hfinkel wrote:
> Should this really be a public class? It lacks a proper interface, and the meaning of the dependency set ids is not really defined.
My hope is that in the long run this becomes private to LAA.  The problem right now is that the actual code emission happens in InnerLoopVectorizer::addRuntimeCheck which uses an instance of this class.

My plan is to move addRuntimeCheck to LAA as well of course and I see no reason why this would have to remain public after that.

I can move this class inside LAA.  It would of course still be public but at least it would tie it better to LAA in the interim.  What do you think?



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