Some extra tests for XOP intrinsics

Sean Silva chisophugis at
Thu Jan 29 05:18:23 PST 2015


I just noticed that test/CodeGen/X86/xop-intrinsics-x86_64.ll isn't really
testing much. I have attached a patch which removes the intrinsics from the
test file and the checks still pass.

It looks like the bulk of this test file was autogenerated. Jan, do you
still have the tool that you used to generate the test? We probably need to
regenerate it with a more specific set of check lines.

-- Sean Silva

On Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 5:11 PM, Sean Silva <chisophugis at> wrote:

> Hi Craig,
> In our internal codebase, we had a file xop-instrinsics-x86.ll (not the
> one upstream, xop-intrinsics-x86_64.ll), a remnant of an internal
> implementation while PS4's architecture was still confidential. ToT passes
> the tests in our xop-instrinsics-x86.ll, so really it's just a matter of
> getting all the goodness out of it and sent upstream, and then throw it
> away and rely on just xop-intrinsics-x86_64.ll.
> There is some overlap with the upstream xop-intrinsics-x86_64.ll, the
> rundown is as follows for the intrinsics tested:
> Intrinsics where both have test: 53
> Intrinsics where xop-instrinsics-x86.ll has test, but
> not xop-intrinsics-x86_64.ll: 20
> Intrinsics where xop-intrinsics-x86_64.ll has test, but
> not xop-instrinsics-x86.ll: 71
> The ones that xop-instrinsics-x86.ll has a test for, but not ToT
> xop-intrinsics-x86_64.ll, are the following:
> llvm.x86.xop.vfrczpd
> llvm.x86.xop.vfrczpd256
> llvm.x86.xop.vfrczps
> llvm.x86.xop.vfrczps256
> llvm.x86.xop.vfrczsd
> llvm.x86.xop.vfrczss
> llvm.x86.xop.vpcmov.v16qi
> llvm.x86.xop.vpcmov.v2df
> llvm.x86.xop.vpcmov.v2di
> llvm.x86.xop.vpcmov.v4df256
> llvm.x86.xop.vpcmov.v4di256
> llvm.x86.xop.vpcmov.v4sf
> llvm.x86.xop.vpcmov.v4si
> llvm.x86.xop.vpcmov.v8hi
> llvm.x86.xop.vpcmov.v8sf256
> llvm.x86.xop.vpcmov.v8si256
> llvm.x86.xop.vprotbi
> llvm.x86.xop.vprotdi
> llvm.x86.xop.vprotqi
> llvm.x86.xop.vprotwi
> I assume that we would probably want to just add tests for the missing
> intrinsics to the ToT xop-intrinsics-x86_64.ll? Anyway, I've attached the
> whole file xop-instrinsics-x86.ll so you can take a look.
> -- Sean Silva
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