[PATCH] [mips] Add assembler support for the .cprestore directive.

Toma Tabacu toma.tabacu at imgtec.com
Thu Jan 29 02:00:15 PST 2015

Comment at: lib/Target/Mips/AsmParser/MipsAsmParser.cpp:1386-1387
@@ +1385,4 @@
+    } else {
+      Warning(IDLoc, "no .cprestore used in PIC mode");
+    }
+  }
emaste wrote:
> According to http://techpubs.sgi.com/library/dynaweb_docs/0530/SGI_Developer/books/Cplr_PTG/sgi_html/apa.html .cprestore should be a silent nop in non-PIC mode so that the same assembly source can be used in both PIC and non-PIC mode.
I know what you mean, but I believe you've highlighted the wrong code.
The warning we were talking about on Bugzilla is for using .cprestore in non-PIC mode (MipsAsmParser.cpp at 3373-3374), but the warning you've highlighted here is for *not* using .cprestore *in* PIC mode.



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