[PATCH] Introduce a section to the programmers manual about type hierarchies, polymorphism, and virtual dispatch.

Eric Christopher echristo at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 00:53:36 PST 2015

Comment at: docs/ProgrammersManual.rst:2506
@@ +2505,3 @@
+An alternate implementation strategy for the second use case which should be
+preferred within LLVM is to that of generic programming. For example, a template
+over some type parameter ``T`` can be instantiated across any particular
joker.eph wrote:
> " is to that of ", is it correct English? This is not clear to me (I'm not an English-native speaker).
Not in this context no. It should probably be "is that of". Though the sentence might read more clearly as: "An alternate, and preferred within LLVM, strategy for the second use case is that of generic programming."



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