[PATCH] Move the IsIndirect flag from DIVariable into DIExpression.

Adrian Prantl aprantl at apple.com
Fri Jan 16 10:52:03 PST 2015

In http://reviews.llvm.org/D6986#109826, @dblaikie wrote:

> (might be easier to review/commit by adding the expression handling then just removing the flag as dead code afterwards, but I'm not sure - it's not bad the way you've got it either)

Oh that would be great, but it's complicated:
After having read this patch, look at this gem from SelectionDAGBuilder:

  uint64_t Offset = DI->getOffset();
    // A dbg.value for an alloca is always indirect.
    bool IsIndirect = isa<AllocaInst>(V) || Offset != 0;
    SDDbgValue *SDV;
    if (Val.getNode()) {
      if (!EmitFuncArgumentDbgValue(V, Variable, Expr, Offset, IsIndirect,
                                    Val)) {
        SDV = DAG.getDbgValue(Variable, Expr, Val.getNode(), Val.getResNo(),
                              IsIndirect, Offset, dl, DbgSDNodeOrder);
        DAG.AddDbgValue(SDV, Val.getNode(), false);
    } else

It is rematerializing the OP_deref that this patch removes in the form a of an indirect MachineLocation.

Horrible, right?

We //could// get rid of the indirect field in MachineLocation, if we were to redefine alloca's to be treated as addresses rather than values in dbg.value/dbg.declare.
Let me give an example. Currently, the following code:

  %x = alloca i64
  call void @llvm.dbg.declare(metadata %i64* %b, [var=x], [expr=[]])
  store i64 42, %x

is lowered into

  %x = i64 42
  call void @llvm.dbg.value(metadata %i64* %b, [var=x], [expr=[]])

Observe that the alloca, although it is treated like an address in IR, is treated like it was the value as far as the debug info is concerned.
If we want to fix this we'd have to change the frontend to emit

  %x = alloca i64
  call void @llvm.dbg.declare(metadata %i64* %b, [var=x], [expr=[DW_OP_deref]])
  store i64 42, %x

which could then be lowered into the same code as above. After separating out DIExpression from DIVariable this is really easy to do; before it was pretty much impossible.

I think I'd love to do that instead. Should we go break stuff? ;-)




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