[PATCH] SLPVectorizer: Cache results from memory alias checking.

Erik Eckstein eeckstein at apple.com
Wed Jan 14 03:35:48 PST 2015

Committed in http://reviews.llvm.org/rL225977 with a few changes/corrections:

1. added a missing dropAllReferences() before pushing an instruction to DeletedInstructions
2. extract the removeFromParent/dropAllReferences/push-to-DeletedInstructions to a new function in BoUpSLP

> My only comment beyond Arnold's (as he knows this code much better than I do) is that it would be good to document this invariant of BoUpSLP somewhere other than a member comment. Not sure what the best place is.

3. added a note in SLPVectorizer::runOnFunction

Thanks for reviewing!



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