[PATCH] Explicitly say doxygen comments use triple-slash

Paul Robinson Paul_Robinson at playstation.sony.com
Mon Jan 12 22:04:58 PST 2015

I've had a couple of questions about this and thought maybe the coding standard
should be more explicit about it. Advice from the group-mind welcome.



Index: docs/CodingStandards.rst
--- docs/CodingStandards.rst
+++ docs/CodingStandards.rst
@@ -251,7 +251,8 @@
 file is released under.  This makes it perfectly clear what terms the source
 code can be distributed under and should not be modified in any way.
-The main body is a ``doxygen`` comment describing the purpose of the file.  It
+The main body is a ``doxygen`` comment (identified by the ``///`` comment
+marker instead of the usual ``//``) describing the purpose of the file.  It
 should have a ``\brief`` command that describes the file in one or two
 sentences.  Any additional information should be separated by a blank line.  If
 an algorithm is being implemented or something tricky is going on, a reference
@@ -281,7 +282,8 @@
 Comment Formatting
-In general, prefer C++ style (``//``) comments.  They take less space, require
+In general, prefer C++ style comments (``//`` for normal comments, ``///`` for
+``doxygen`` documentation comments).  They take less space, require
 less typing, don't have nesting problems, etc.  There are a few cases when it is
 useful to use C style (``/* */``) comments however:

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