[PATCH] Simplify DWARFCompileUnit / DWARFTypeUnit constructors (NFC).

Frederic Riss friss at apple.com
Wed Oct 8 09:56:03 PDT 2014

>>! In D5659#7, @dblaikie wrote:
> I'm not really sure I agree that this is an improvement.
> I have a bit of an aversion to making something a dynamic choice (passing a bool down & then doing a bunch of conditionals) compared to a static choice (at the call site, we know which sections to retrieve).

I always disliked the huge list of acronym parameters that got passed to these constructor methods, and I stylistically prefer the proposed patch. But as I commented, the bunch of conditionals isn't that nice either and if someone can come up with a nice solution that combines the best of both worlds then I'm all for it.

Are you concerned about the performance implications of making this choice dynamic or just objecting that something that can be static should be static?


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