[PATCH] [Tsan] Fix the getline_nohang.cc test to build on FreeBSD

Alexander Potapenko glider at google.com
Wed Oct 8 05:13:07 PDT 2014

Comment at: test/tsan/getline_nohang.cc:5
@@ -4,1 +4,3 @@
 // See https://code.google.com/p/thread-sanitizer/issues/detail?id=47
+#if __FreeBSD__
+#define _WITH_GETLINE  // to declare getline()
Isn't "#ifdef __FreeBSD__" more common? (that doesn't make much difference however)

I've also noticed other #ifdef's for OpenBSD, DragonFlyBSD, NetBSD etc. in the codebase. Do you know if they also apply here?


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