[PATCH] Update dwarf::ApplePropertyAttributes enum to meaningful values.

Frederic Riss friss at apple.com
Tue Oct 7 12:57:45 PDT 2014

Comment at: include/llvm/Support/Dwarf.h:784
@@ -783,1 +783,3 @@
+/// Contstants for the DW_APPLE_PROPERTY_attributes attribute.
+/// Keep this list in sync with clang's DeclSpec.h ObjCPropertyAttributeKind.
 enum ApplePropertyAttributes {
dblaikie wrote:
> Crazy idea: Could we do this the other way around, and remove ObjCPropertyAttributeKind in favor of using this enum directly?
> Probably not, but figured I'd mention it.
I thought of that but I think there would be (rightful) resistance to having Sema code depend on the Dwarf header. In a followup patch for the dwarfdump functionality, I'll try to add coverage for most if not all of these, that will at least prevent us from breaking the current values unknowingly.


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