[PATCH] Move sanitizer bots's configs from an external repo to zorg

Galina gkistanova at gmail.com
Fri Oct 3 13:24:57 PDT 2014

For a full picture I'm missing of how these scripts are going to be used with the buildbot. Devil is in the details.
But I could wait with this till the second set of the patches.

The major questions are

1. What build properties and parameters will be supported?
2. How properties will be propagated through the buildbot infrastructure?
3. If more than one script is used with one build, then the build seems to be a bit heavy. If there is only one script for a build, then I'd prefer seeing build steps instead of just one step with a heavy log to get a more granular and precise failure point from the bot. Something similar to what we did for the dragon egg with the scripted builder, perhaps?


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