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David Blaikie dblaikie at
Thu Oct 2 23:57:38 PDT 2014

Doesn't look like the llvm-commits mailing list was ever added to the

There's a particular quirk/problem with Phabricator reviews in particular
if you don't create them with the mailing list added to the review on
creation, then Phab never sends the proper introductory mail if you add the
mailing list later (the introductory mail is only sent to those addresses
the code review had at its creation). Generally it's best to cancel a
review that ends up in this state (since you can't get Phab to produce that
email) and start a new one.

Beyond that, the usual recommendation is to 'ping' a review thread every
week or so if it's not received attention. Some people are busy, etc, this
is an easy way to remind them that there's something to do.

So, my advice would be: cancel that review, create a new one and be sure to
put all the reviewers and especially the mailing list (llvm-commits) on the
review before you finish creating it. Make sure that initial mail is sent
to (and arrives on) the llvm-commits mailing list. If there's no respons in
a week, post a simple 'ping' (either via Phab or just reply-all to the
original Phab mailing).

On Thu, Oct 2, 2014 at 10:30 PM, Justin Hibbits <jrh29 at>

> Can somebody please review  It's been
> sitting idle for nearly 3 weeks now, and I want to get it in so that my
> other patches can go in: D5399 and D5400 (PowerPC -fpic support, and
> clang changes to support this, respectively).
> Thanks,
> Justin
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