[PATCH] Improve big-endian support for ARM and AArch64

James Molloy james at jamesmolloy.co.uk
Wed Oct 1 02:36:03 PDT 2014

Hi Charlie,

What Eric said makes sense.

> if not 'hexagon' in config.target_triple:
>    config.available_features.add("object-emission")

So the tests when running on hexagon will not have the object-emission
feature. So, you can add

> REQUIRES: object-emission

to the test case, under the RUN: line, to make it not run for hexagon.

What am I missing?



On 1 October 2014 10:28, Charlie Turner <Charlie.Turner at arm.com> wrote:

> Hi Eric,
> >> I now realize why hexagon was omitted from the original chain of
> if/else comparisons. I thought it was probably an oversight, but it doesn't
> make sense to add a test for this target, since there's no object emission.
> I have updated my refactoring to not handle the hexagon case, since it's
> not handled in the original code.
> >>
> >
> > You'll want:
> >
> > REQUIRES: object-emission
> >
> > for the test cases.
> That's the default for all targets that are not Hexagon, so I don't think
> I'll need that in the arch-specific subdirs. From lit.cfg,
> if not 'hexagon' in config.target_triple:
>     config.available_features.add("object-emission")
> Are you suggesting I create a new Hexagon subdirectory in DebugInfo/ with
> just this one relocation test, which will be an XFAIL? IIUC, only tests in
> the top-level DebugInfo directory need REQUIRES: object-emission. I
> expected to not need a test case for Hexagon since the RelocVisitor doesn't
> know about Hexagon.
> > That failed because you removed the -mtriple argument to llc (the -linux
> part forces ELF IIUC), which caused llc to default to COFF emission.
> >
> > COFF should be ok. You should be able to use dwarf with cygwin/mingw.
> I386 defaults to COFF, and RelocVisitor does not support COFF files, only
> ELF. These tests rely on the emitted object file being ELF, which is why I
> needed the -linux part of the triple.
> Thanks,
> Charlie.
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