[PATCH] [OPENMP] llvm.loop.vectorize.enable metadata are lost after critical edge splitting

Johannes Doerfert doerfert at cs.uni-saarland.de
Tue Sep 30 07:25:54 PDT 2014

>>! In D5539#10, @zinovy.nis wrote:
> OK, if we agree to add `AU.addRequired<LoopInfo>();` for `BreakCriticalEdges` while removing it from `GVN` I'd be satisfied.
> UPD. Sorry, it will not help as GVN doesn't call BreakCriticalEdges pass directly, but just calls a method from BreakCriticalEdges.cpp

Yeah, I just saw that too. So you need to add LoopInfo to the passes GVN needs as long as it calls the SplitCriticalEdge directly.


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