[PATCH] Add CMake rules for lld-darwin

kledzik at apple.com kledzik at apple.com
Wed Sep 3 15:07:32 PDT 2014

Hi Bigcheese, ruiu, t.p.northover,

To start qualifying lld for iOS and MacOSX, we'd like to make a drop in replacement for /usr/bin/ld (which is now buried inside Xcode.app).  But the existing lld is not a drop in replacement because it requires "-flavor darwin" and the thousands of existing projects don't know to add that.  We also cannot rename the lld binary to have "darwin" in the name (which the universal driver and pick up on) because existing projects invoke "ld".  

My proposal is to add a new target "lld-darwin" which builds a linker that bypassing the universal driver and directly invokes the darwin driver.  For sanity in the LLVM build system the product it produces is names "lld-darwin", but when we copy it into Xcode.app, we'll rename it "ld".


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