[PATCH] [Zorg] Modify LibCxxAndABIBuilder to support testing libcxx with multiple standard versions.

Eric Fiselier eric at efcs.ca
Mon Sep 1 18:46:39 PDT 2014

>>! In D5114#5, @gribozavr wrote:
> Could we add more targets instead, check-libcxx-cxx11, check-libcxx-cxx14 etc?
> Then it would be easier to run them when developing libcxx itself.

I agree that we should add these Makefile targets, but I would like to keep invoking lit directly in this change for a couple of reasons:

1. We need a custom LIT invocation so the output is more "log" friendly (no progress bar).
2. More changes are going to follow that require custom invocations. (Testing debug mode, sanitizers, ect)
3. I don't want to add the makefile targets until I've actually added support for running the tests as C++03, C++14, ect. So I want to use the bots to test these changes.

If you don't have any strong objections I would like to keep the custom LIT invocations.

Comment at: zorg/buildbot/builders/LibcxxAndAbiBuilder.py:95
@@ +94,3 @@
+            name='test.libcxx.%s' % std,
+            command=[lit_exe, '-v', '--show-unsupported', '--show-xfail',
+                     properties.WithProperties('--threads=%(jobs)s'),
danalbert wrote:
> -s so we're not inundated with all the passing tests?
'-s` add the progress bar that is non-log friendly. I'll add `-s` and `--no-progress-bar`, but I'm personally not opposed to printing the passing tests.

Comment at: zorg/buildbot/builders/LibcxxAndAbiBuilder.py:99
@@ -94,1 +98,3 @@
+                    libcxx_test_path],
+            workdir='.'))
danalbert wrote:
> Is that not the default?
I'm not actually sure, but I also don't think the working dir matters that much anyway. I'll remove it.


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