[PATCH] [Object, llvm-objdump] allow dumping of mach-o exports trie

kledzik at apple.com kledzik at apple.com
Fri Aug 29 14:10:33 PDT 2014

Hi rafael, t.p.northover, Bigcheese,

MachOObjectFile in lib/Object currently has no support for parsing the rebase, binding, and export information from the LC_DYLD_INFO load command in final linked mach-o images.  This patch adds support for parsing the exports trie data structure.  It also adds an option to llvm-objdump to dump the exports info. 

I did the exports parsing first because it is the hardest.  The information is encoded in a trie structure, but the standard ObjectFile way to inspect content is through iterators. So I needed to make an iterator that would do a non-recursive walk through the trie and maintain the concatenation of edges needed for the current string prefix.

I plan to add similar support in MachOObjectFile and llvm-objdump to parse/display the rebasing and binding info too.


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