[PATCH] [AArch64] Add pass to enable additional comparison optimizations by CSE

Chad Rosier mcrosier at codeaurora.org
Wed Aug 27 08:21:51 PDT 2014

>>! In D5044#11, @sdmitrouk wrote:
> Chad,
>> Is this strictly target-specific?
> I guess not, other targets can benefit of similar optimizations as well.

Rather, is the implementation necessarily target-specific?  I imagine other targets would benefit, but I'm asking if we could have a more generic solution.

> Actually, not that much code to share among
> different targets. Is it enough to create target-independent pass? If
> yes, I'll file a bug.

Based on your response, my impression is that this requires a mostly target-specific implementation.  I can't provide an educated argument for or against your approach, so I think the purpose of the bug would be to continue the discussion.  I'll leave it to your good judgment to decide if this discussion is really necessary.  In the meantime, I have no issue with the current solution.



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