Solution for memory leak in tblgen

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> On Aug 7, 2014, at 2:29 AM, wuhui1973 <wuhui1973 at> wrote:
> >> [hui] I am new to tablgen, I hope I can explain it clearly. At some stage in building llvm, tablgen will compile .td file into .inc file (C++ source), it will compile .td file one after one till the stage is done. As now the tree nodes are just allocated but not freed, they get lost between handling .td files. So the patch aims to reclaim the memory when finishing one .td file. I think pool allocator can be an option, but as I know, pool allocator is just another sub-project under llvm, has it been built into llvm? And it needs be done by the DSA (data structure analysis) alogrithm?! Is there any example in llvm?

Sorry, I wasn’t clear what I was talking about. In LLVM, we have a class called BumpPtrAllocator. You can use that to allocate a set of nodes, then free them all between passes. If that accomplishes our goals for TableGen, then I think it’s the ideal solution.

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