SLP/Loop vectorizer pass ordering

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Hi Arnold,

Wow, that’s pretty nasty! I’ll keep my eye on Hal’s scoped noalias stuff.



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On 25/07/2014 17:41, James Molloy wrote:

Hi Nadav, Arnold,

I've come across an interesting optimization problem in one of the SPEC
benchmarks. There is a loop that can be optimized by both the SLP vectorizer
and the loop vectorizer (when I patch the loop vectorizer to deal with fsub

The SLP vectorizer actually makes the performance worse - I think this is
due to a lack of loop unrolling afterwards. The Loop vectorizer can improve
the performance.

However, the loop vectorizer runs after the SLP vectorizer, so it never gets
a chance. I'd have thought the ideal order would be Loop Vectorizer -> SLP
vectorizer -> BB vectorizer, given that the loop vectorizer if it can run
will probably give greater speedup than SLP.

The current sequence is SLP vectorizer -> BB vectorizer -> Loop vectorizer.

Even though I was not directly addressed. I still reply.

The proposed new order is what I think makes most sense. I wonder what was the reason to go for the current order. Nadav, Arnold did you choose this order?

See my answer to James. We loose noalias information during inlining (until recently - thanks Hal for moving forward with the scoped noalias feature!).

We should absolutely evaluate moving the SLPVectorizer out of the inliner PM once we have working scoped noalias information.

Inlining could obscure patterns of parallelism the SLPVectorizer can recognize so their might be some losses - Erik’s work on making the SLPVectorizer more robust with respect to recognizing what schedules prevent vectorization plus work on recognizing more (possible mid-tree) patterns  should enable us to deal with some of the fallout I think.

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