SLP/Loop vectorizer pass ordering

James Molloy james.molloy at
Fri Jul 25 08:41:38 PDT 2014

Hi Nadav, Arnold,


I've come across an interesting optimization problem in one of the SPEC
benchmarks. There is a loop that can be optimized by both the SLP vectorizer
and the loop vectorizer (when I patch the loop vectorizer to deal with fsub


The SLP vectorizer actually makes the performance worse - I think this is
due to a lack of loop unrolling afterwards. The Loop vectorizer can improve
the performance.


However, the loop vectorizer runs after the SLP vectorizer, so it never gets
a chance. I'd have thought the ideal order would be Loop Vectorizer -> SLP
vectorizer -> BB vectorizer, given that the loop vectorizer if it can run
will probably give greater speedup than SLP.


The current sequence is SLP vectorizer -> BB vectorizer -> Loop vectorizer.


What are your thoughts on this?




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