[PATCH] Check for all known bits on ret in InstCombine

Hal Finkel hfinkel at anl.gov
Tue Jul 22 13:10:44 PDT 2014

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> wrote:
> > I'm defining dead as an SSA subgraph where the only sinks (uses
> > which
> > have "side-effects" or otherwise can't be removed) are the
> > assumptions. I think this is sufficiently conservative to remove
> > assumptions from true dead code regions and prevent them from
> > keeping control flow alive without sacrificing optimization
> > opportunities.
> But we should already kill them in unreachable blocks.
> Probably. It also should handle the case where we if-convert prior to
> discovering the block was dead, and thus have a dead SSA subgraph
> without dead control flow.

But I think this will never happen, the assumption has side effects, so it can't be speculated. So it will always keep the control flow, and so it should be obvious when the control flow guarding the intrinsic is dead.


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