Dan Liew dan at su-root.co.uk
Tue Jul 22 11:01:33 PDT 2014

>> Good to go?
> The approach and patch look correct to me, though I haven't actually
> applied and tested this one.

Ok. I've tested it for CMake and Autoconf/Makefile and it seemed to
work correctly so I've committed it (r213674).

>> when the autoconf/Makefile build system is used
>> LLVMExports.cmake only contains LLVM library targets and not the
>> executable targets.
>> I couldn't see any obvious way of fixing this (the Makefile system
>> isn't globally aware of all the executable targets) so I left it.
> For now the documentation can just say that the libraries are
> available as imported targets but not the executables.  The
> fact that the latter happen to be there when building LLVM
> with CMake is a side-effect that applications should ignore.

Okay. I may start working on the documentation soon as I don't think
I'll have time to look at exporting the necessary CXX_FLAGS and
C_FLAGS for ABI compatibility.


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