Dan Liew dan at su-root.co.uk
Tue Jul 22 10:39:21 PDT 2014


This adds the LLVM_TOOLS_BINARY_DIR variable to LLVMConfig.cmake and
removes LLVM_BUILD_TOOLS_BINARY_DIR which is superfluous now.

Good to go?

As a side note I noticed a bug whilst testing. When using CMake as the
build system, executable targets  (e.g. llvm-as, opt) appear in
LLVMExports.cmake but when the autoconf/Makefile build system is used
LLVMExports.cmake only contains LLVM library targets and not the
executable targets.

I couldn't see any obvious way of fixing this (the Makefile system
isn't globally aware of all the executable targets) so I left it. The
libraries are the most important thing anyway. Having
LLVM_BUILD_TOOLS_BINARY_DIR available should hopefully mean it isn't
necessary to access an imported executable target anyway.

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