[PATCH] LLVM CFL Alias Analysis -- Algorithm

Daniel Berlin dberlin at dberlin.org
Mon Jul 21 12:33:58 PDT 2014

Some preliminary comments on this one as well

Comment at: lib/Analysis/CFLAliasAnalysis.cpp:121
@@ +120,3 @@
+    return MayAlias;
+    if (isa<Constant>(locA.Ptr) && isa<Constant>(locB.Ptr)) {
Unless i'm miscounting braces, doesn't this cause this function to always return MayAlias?
I assume this was just debugging code that was left in when you were running final numbers, since i've seen the actual numbers :)

Comment at: lib/Analysis/CFLAliasAnalysis.cpp:142
@@ +141,3 @@
+// \brief Edges can be one of four "weights"
+enum class EdgeWeight { AssignFrom, AssignTo, Dereference, Reference };
AssignTo appears unused, and could you add a comment about what type of statement you expect each to represent.

Comment at: lib/Analysis/CFLAliasAnalysis.cpp:293
@@ +292,3 @@
+    auto *val = inst.getOperand(1);
+    output->push_back({val, ptr, EdgeWeight::Reference});
+    return true;
Can you talk a bit about why the Insert* calls are Reference edges, instead of say, assignto?


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