[llvm] r210720 - [FastISel][X86] Add support for the sqrt intrinsic.

Juergen Ributzka juergen at apple.com
Wed Jun 11 19:18:22 PDT 2014

Currently the FastISel tablegen generator doesn't handle simple patterns where the number of arguments do not match. For fsqrt it is the additional implicit_def operand:
def : Pat<(f64 (fsqrt FR64:$src)),
            (VSQRTSDr (f64 (IMPLICIT_DEF)), FR64:$src)>, Requires<[HasAVX]>;

Fixing this is on my todo list.


On Jun 11, 2014, at 5:49 PM, Eric Christopher <echristo at gmail.com> wrote:

>> +    // Unfortunatelly we can't use FastEmit_r, because the AVX version of FSQRT
>> +    // is not generated by FastISel yet.
>> +    // FIXME: Update this code once tablegen can handle it.
> Assuming you've looked, curious about this?
> -eric

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