[PATCH] [LNT] Add geometric mean to run report

Hal Finkel hfinkel at anl.gov
Fri May 16 10:29:21 PDT 2014

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> Subject: [PATCH] [LNT] Add geometric mean to run report
> Hi all,
> This patch implements geometric mean in run report.

You mean that this is for all tests in the entire test suite aggregated into a single number?

> The idea of geomean is to represent the entire data set and not to
> get
> skewed by long running tests. However the major problem with it is,
> zero time is not allowed. I used a workaround by adding 1 to each
> value and subtract 1 from the final geomean result.  The workaround
> certainly break the geomean number, but we don't really care the
> number itself, rather the change of it. It's certainly not the ideal.
> Is there any better solution or statistics we can use?

I don't understand this at all. Is the geometric mean not (mul_i^n a_i)^(1/n)?

Thanks again,

> Thanks,
> Yi Kong
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