[PATCH] Implement ADRP CSE for global symbols

Jiangning Liu liujiangning1 at gmail.com
Thu May 15 16:54:45 PDT 2014

Hi Quentin,

I committed this patch as r208934, and will analyze those regression with
your patch.


2014-05-16 0:57 GMT+08:00 Quentin Colombet <qcolombet at apple.com>:

> Hi Jiangning,
> > If I don't have other higher priority tasks, I will have a look. But it
> would be much better if your patch of fixing MOVAddr issue can be shared
> with me.
> Sure! It is more a hack than a patch, but here it is :).
> {F57887}
> > Is there any possibility after this optimization the live range of base
> address is extended, and triggered spill/fill in hot loop by RA? If this is
> the case the rematerialization needs to be tuned, I think.
> I thought about that and this is possible. Though the current
> implementation still uses the pseudo instructions so the rematerialization
> should kick in. That said, this is also possible that the rematerialization
> algorithm is not perfect.
> > Actually I was hoping your patch can get it enabled at least for ARM64.
> :-)
> For ARM64, yes, but for ARM64-apple-* no :). We need to address the
> regressions first before enabling it by default for our (apple) triple, but
> if you need it for other OS, I am fine with that, though I cannot test the
> performances for those.
> We can land the patch with it disabled by default for all targets then
> enabled it for the targets (triple) we care along the way.
> Thanks for checking the alignment thing.
> Yes, I am happy with that :).
> Thanks,
> -Quentin
> http://reviews.llvm.org/D3432
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