[PATCH] Check if Signed Addition Overflows

suyog sarda sardask01 at gmail.com
Thu May 15 09:42:19 PDT 2014


Attaching patch for checking if Signed Addition overflows.
This patch implements two things :

1. If we know one number is positive and another is negative, we return
true as signed addition of two opposite signed numbers will never overflow.

2. Implemented TODO : If one of the operands only has one non-zero bit, and
if the other operand has a known-zero bit in a more significant place than
it (not including the sign bit) the ripple may go up to and fill the zero,
but won't change the sign.
e.x -  (x & ~4) + 1
We make sure that we are ignoring 0 at MSB.

3 Test case included :

1. To check if 0 in one number is at more significant place than 1 in
second number. We emit 'add nsw' as we are sure there will be no overflow
as the ripple will die at that zero.
2. If 0 is at less significant place than one, then emit normal 'add' as we
are not sure if the ripple will die before reaching Sign bit.
3. IF the two numbers are of opposite sign, we emit 'add nsw' as we are
sure that it will never overflow.

Please help in reviewing the patch.

With regards,
Suyog Sarda
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