[PATCH] Reorder shuffle and binary operation.

Andrea Di Biagio Andrea_DiBiagio at sn.scee.net
Fri May 9 11:17:36 PDT 2014

Comment at: lib/Transforms/InstCombine/InstructionCombining.cpp:1123-1125
@@ +1122,5 @@
+        isa<UndefValue>(RShuf->getOperand(1))) {
+      SmallVector<int, 16> LHSMask = LShuf->getShuffleMask();
+      SmallVector<int, 16> RHSMask = RShuf->getShuffleMask();
+      if (std::equal(LHSMask.begin(), LHSMask.end(), RHSMask.begin())) {
+        BinaryOperator *NewBO = CreateBinOpAsGiven(Inst, LShuf->getOperand(0),
I might be wrong but,
wouldn't be easier in this case to simply compare the addresses of the two shuffle masks?

As far as I understand, the shuffle mask (third operand of a ShuffleVectorInst) is always a Constant; therefore, you should be able to check if two masks are equal by simply comparing their addresses. I expect that something like this should work:

cast<ShuffleVectorInst>(LHS)->getMask() == cast<ShuffleVectorInst>(RHS)->getMask().

quoting what is written in Constant.h, "two structurally equivalent constants will always have the same address". Also, "The shuffle mask operand is required to be a constant vector with either constant integer or undef values".

I hope this helps.


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