[llvm] r204901 - Rejected r204899 and r204900 due to remaining test failures on cmake-llvm-x86_64-linux buildbot.

Renato Golin renato.golin at linaro.org
Fri Mar 28 02:38:46 PDT 2014

On 28 March 2014 06:24, Stepan Dyatkovskiy <stpworld at narod.ru> wrote:
> As Rafael mentioned, MCAssembler::handleFixup is called. This method invokes
> evaluateFixup, and if it fails it puts relocation.

Ahn, here's where I got confused. I thought MCfixups were just
internal representations of relocation in the output, but they're
actually meant to do this kind of lazy evaluation where possible.
Thanks for clearing that up.

> So I think, we can add MCFixup for now, then commit additional tests. And
> meanwhile I could switch to PR18929.
> What do you think, guys?

The problem with committing code before tests is that you're probably
going to find areas that you didn't cover, and you'll have to change
the code (even if only slightly). I'm not expecting an exhaustive
list, but would be good to have at least two or three different
expressions that work and two or three that don't (with the
appropriate error checks).


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