[PATCH] R600: Match sign_extend_inreg to BFE instructions

Matt Arsenault Matthew.Arsenault at amd.com
Thu Mar 20 09:52:47 PDT 2014

On 03/20/2014 09:30 AM, Jan Vesely wrote:
> This patch regresses parts of the following piglit tests on my Turks
> card:
> builtin-char-abs-1.0.generated
> builtin-char-abs_diff-1.0.generated
> builtin-char-clamp-1.1.generated
> builtin-char-hadd-1.0.generated
> builtin-char-max-1.1.generated
> builtin-short-abs-1.0.generated
> builtin-short-abs_diff-1.0.generated
> builtin-short-clamp-1.1.generated
> builtin-short-hadd-1.0.generated
> builtin-short-max-1.1.generated
> Only the vector variants of byte/word size types are affected, so the
> attached patch fixes the issue by expanding vectors.
> regards,
> Jan

Can you add a test from one of these failing cases? I thought I had 
added a bunch of tests for these vector cases, but I didn't check the 
evergreen versions particularly carefully. As you can see, the EG checks 
don't bother checking the operands.

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