[PATCH] [PECOFF] Support yet another new type of weak symbol.

Rui Ueyama ruiu at google.com
Thu Mar 13 14:25:11 PDT 2014


  In the latest patch, I made a change to compare atoms by section's size rather than atom's size when choosing the largest one. As we discussed offline, this is the correct semantics for SELECT_LARGEST attribute because the attribute is not defined for a symbol but for the entire section. In order to compare section's size we follow layout-{before,after} edges to find all atoms in the same section.

  The difference of section size and atom size is not visible if the following two conditions meet:
   - There's only one symbol in a COMDAT section
   - The offset of the symbol is zero

  Otherwise, section size and atom size are not the same. In that case comparing atom sizes produces wrong results.

Comment at: include/lld/Core/DefinedAtom.h:103
@@ -102,1 +102,3 @@
+    mergeLargest,           // Choose the largest one from atoms with the same
+                            // name
     mergeByContent,         // Merge with other constants with same content.
kledzik at apple.com wrote:
> mergeSameNameLargestSize
The identifier seems a bit too long. Do you think we should rename the existing identifiers as


For existing identifiers "SameName" is implied. I'm even inclined to remove "SameName" from "mergeSameNameAndSize" for consistency.


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