[PATCH] XCore fix for SingleSource/Benchmarks/Misc-C++/Large/sphereflake

robert lytton robert at xmos.com
Tue Mar 11 09:04:10 PDT 2014

  Hi Daniel,

  Yes, the raw sin() functions seem to only differ by 'one', but this +-1 may cause a carry into higher bits!

  By chance, rounding up seems to work in most situations.
  I may be able to 'by chance' change the rounding mechanism to make all targets agree - but this seems the wrong way to do it.

  An alternative approach would be to hard-code the initialisation data : 66429 * 3 * 8 = 1.6MB.

  Or, just hard-code the values that are causing problems - only one at present.
  Any future problems can add to the table as necessary - with no need of #ifdefs.

  Patch to follow.



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