[PATCH] A fix for platform-dependent types in sanitizers' profiling support lib on x64 FreeBSD in 32-bit mode

Justin Bogner mail at justinbogner.com
Mon Mar 10 13:59:21 PDT 2014

Viktor Kutuzov <vkutuzov at accesssoftek.com> writes:
>   Updated so that it does not change the set of inclusions on Windows,
>   does not duplicate headers and pays more attention to scalability.
>   Inspiried by comments in llvm-commits by Justin Bogner:
>   > Are sys/stat.h and stdint.h not used for some reason in the
>   > _MSC_VER case? This looks like a behaviour change that probably
>   > breaks windows.
>   > Duplicating the include of inttypes in _MSC_VER and in the else
>   > seems fairly awkward here.
>   > Overall, this approach really doesn't seem scalable at all, and it
>   > will be very difficult for people adding things in this area to
>   > get it right without submitting to buildbots.
>   Thanks, Justin.
>   If this version looks OK, I would appreciate if one the committers
>   land it as I don't have the commit access. Thanks.

I'd missed this update, so I apologize for the wait, but I notice that
you've committed this in the meantime without waiting for an OK.

Please don't do that in the future.

It's important not to commit code until all reviewers that have raised
concerns have acknowledged that their concerns have been addressed.

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