[patch] implement __clear_cache for arm32 & mips

Daniel Sanders Daniel.Sanders at imgtec.com
Fri Mar 7 06:03:26 PST 2014

Sorry for the delay in reviewing this. I had to learn the details before I could comment.

The ICACHE argument should be BCACHE so that any stale instruction data in the dcache is also flushed. Other than that the MIPS part of the patch LGTM.

There is a better implementation available on MIPS32r2 and MIPS64r2 that you could implement if you want to. However the necessary 'synci' and 'jr.hb' instructions aren't implemented in LLVM yet so you may prefer to leave it for now. The better implementation, uses a series of synci instructions to flush the cache, then a 'sync' followed by a jr.hb to create the necessary barriers.

Here is an untested version of the better implementation based on the assembly that gcc emits for __builtin_clear_cache():
void __clear_cache(void* start, void* end)
const uintptr_t start_int = (uintptr_t) start;
const uintptr_t end_int = (uintptr_t) end;
if (begin == end)

// Discover the step needed for the synci instructions
uintptr_t inc;
     asm volatile ("rdhwr %0, $1" : "=r"(inc));
     if (inc == 0)

     // Round the start address downwards
     start_int &= ~inc;

     // Flush the region
     while (start_int < end_int) {
           asm volatile ("synci %0", :: "r"(start_int) : "memory");
           start_int += inc;

     // Memory barrier
     asm volatile ("sync" ::: "memory");

     // Execution hazard and instruction hazard barrier
     // The jr.hb is the important instruction and could be used in place
     // of the jr instruction that returns from this function rather than
     // faking a return like this.
     asm volatile ("bal 1f\n\t"
                   "1: addiu $31, $31, 12\n\t"
                   "jr.hb $31\n\t"
                   "nop\n\t" ::: "$31", "memory");

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Note that both arm32 and mips flavours of this code generate
a syscall.

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