[PATCH] [PECOFF] Support a new type of weak symbol.

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Thu Mar 6 16:41:32 PST 2014

I don't quite understand what you mean. Why is this related to group?

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>   This is what I snipped from the COFF manual
>   <----snip---->
>   5.5.6. COMDAT Sections (Object Only)
>   The Selection field of the Section Definition auxiliary format is
> applicable if the section is
>   a COMDAT section: a section that can be defined by more than one object
> file. (The flag
>   IMAGE_SCN_LNK_COMDAT is set in the Section Flags field of the section
> header.)
>   The Selection field determines the way that the linker resolves the
> multiple definitions of
>   COMDAT sections.
>   The first symbol having the section value of the COMDAT section must be
> the section
>   symbol. This symbol has the name of the section, Value field equal to 0,
> the section
>   number of the COMDAT section in question, Type field equal to
>   IMAGE_SYM_TYPE_NULL, Class field equal to IMAGE_SYM_CLASS_STATIC, and
>   one auxiliary record. The second symbol is called “the COMDAT symbol”
> and is used by
>   the linker in conjunction with the Selection field.
>   <------------>
>   It looks like you need to deal with the COMDAT symbol with a
> typeGroupComdat, i.e in the test case _foo needs to be handled as the
> symbol that represents the group.
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