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Better description of the project


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 The project will focus on:
 <li>Create a unique ID for each defect</li>
-<li>Create a database (SQLite for example) to keep track of the evolutions</li>
+<li>Create a database to keep track of the evolutions</li>
 <li>Make scan-build URL permanent</li>
 <li>Tagging of false positive</li>
-<li>Evolution of number of defect (per category or not)</li>
+<li>Evolution of number of defects (per category or not)</li>
+<p>During this GSoC, the student will have to keep in mind that scan-build must remain generic. Different databases can be used, results should be available for IDE (Xcode, Eclipse, etc), etc.</p>
+<p>Note that the creation of a Unique Defect ID can be an hard problem.</p>
 <p><b>Confirmed Mentor:</b> Sylvestre Ledru, Jean-Daniel Dupas</p>
 <p><b>How to contact the mentor:</b> sylvestre at debian.org & jddupas at yahoo.fr</p>

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