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+Windows support
+LLD has some experimental Windows support. When invoked as ``link.exe`` or with
+``-flavor link``, the driver for Windows operating system is used to parse
+command line options, and it drives further linking processes. LLD accepts
+almost all command line options that the linker shipped with Microsoft Visual
+C++ (link.exe) supports.
+The current status is that LLD can link itself on Windows x86 using Visual C++
+as the compiler.
+Development status
+  :good:`Mostly done`. Some exotic command line options that are not usually
+  used for application develompent, such as ``/DRIVER``, are not supported.
+  Options for Windows 8 app store are not recognized too
+  (e.g. ``/APPCONTAINER``).
+Linking against DLL
+  :good:`Done`. LLD can read import libraries needed to link against DLL. Both
+  export-by-name and export-by-ordinal are supported.
+Linking against static library
+  :good:`Done`. The format of static library (.lib) on Windows is actually the
+  same as on Unix (.a). LLD can read it.
+Creating DLL
+  :good:`Done`. LLD creates a DLL if ``/DLL`` option is given. Exported
+  functions can be specified either via command line (``/EXPORT``) or via
+  module-definition file (.def). Both export-by-name and export-by-ordinal are
+  supported. LLD uses Microsoft ``lib.exe`` tool to create an import library
+  file.
+Windows resource files support
+  :good:`Done`. If an ``.rc`` file is given, LLD converts the file to a COFF
+  file using some external commands and link it. Specifically, ``rc.exe`` is
+  used to compile a resource file (.rc) to a compiled resource (.res)
+  file. ``rescvt.exe`` is then used to convert a compiled resource file to a
+  COFF object file section. Both tools are shipped with MSVC.
+Safe Structured Exception Handler (SEH)
+  :good:`Done` for x86. :partial:`Work in progress` for x64.
+Module-definition file
+  :partial:`Partially done`. LLD currently recognizes these directives:
+  ``EXPORTS``, ``HEAPSIZE``, ``STACKSIZE``, ``NAME``, and ``VERSION``.
+x64 (x86-64)
+  :partial:`Work in progress`. LLD can create PE32+ executable but the generated
+  file does not work unless source object files are very simple because of the
+  lack of SEH handler table.
+Debug info
+  :none:`No progress has been made`. Microsoft linker can interpret the CodeGen
+  debug info (old-style debug info) and PDB to emit an .pdb file. LLD doesn't
+  support neither.
+Known issues
+Note that LLD is still in early stage in development, so there are still many
+bugs. Here is a list of notable bugs.
+* Symbol name resolution from library files sometimes fails. On Windows, the
+  order of library files in command line does not matter, but LLD sometimes
+  fails to simulate the semantics. A workaround for it is to explicitly add
+  library files to command line with ``/DEFAULTLIB``.
+* Subsystem inference is not very reliable. Linker is supposed to set
+  ``subsystem`` field in the PE/COFF header according to entry function name,
+  but LLD sometimes ended up with ``unknown`` subsystem type. You need to give
+  ``/SUBSYSTEM`` option if it fails to infer it.

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