[PATCH] XCore target: add support to build MultiSource/Benchmarks/SciMark2-C

Daniel Dunbar daniel at zuster.org
Tue Mar 4 08:19:44 PST 2014

This doesn't seem reasonable to me. We have enough tests on different
platforms that I would be more suspicious that IEEE floating point isn't
being followed correctly or there is a misoptimization somewhere. I think
its probably worth someone figuring out exactly why this test fails for

 - Daniel

On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 1:06 AM, robert lytton <robert at xmos.com> wrote:

>   Hi Daniel,
>   Do you agree that the need to change -0.0 to +0.0 for comparison is
> reasonable.
>   Can you think of a better way to fix the output?
>   Robert
> http://llvm-reviews.chandlerc.com/D2771
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