[PATCH] AARCH64_BE load/store rules fix for ARM ABI

Tim Northover t.p.northover at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 06:54:25 PST 2014

> Does the user expect different behaviour in LE & BE ?
> probably not.
> Suppose the user stores a vector - and then tries to load that to a lane.
> Results in different layout in LE & BE.

Can you give a code example for this? The load lane instructions are
for loading scalars or structs, both of which seem to have the correct
layout for equivalent semantics, to me. I *suspect* that when you
write out the C code, we'll find it actually should behave differently
(either that or it wouldn't anyway ;-)).

> Done.
> Only had to fix all respective LE unit tests :-(
> Good thing is: they're also BE tests now.

Excellent! Thanks, I'm quite looking forward to that change.

> Removing LD1 without adding LDR leaves vector register loads unmatchable.

Ah yes, that makes sense.

Cheers (and thanks for keeping on with the work!).


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